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Sinerji Construction Co. has been successfully undertaking and realizing contracting works in a wide geographical area such as Azerbaijan, Russian Federation, CIS countries, Middle East Gulf region and Turkey.

Our company has accomplished many successful projects in Azerbaijan, Russian Federation, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Albania, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Maldives, Oman, Lebanon, Sudan and Turkey.

Moscow Representative Office in Russian Federation and with sister construction company OOO Teknosin registered in Russian Federation, since 2002, it has been carrying out its commitments in the Russian Federation with its RF license and construction license.

Sinerji Construction Inc. Thanks to its structure in RF, it has increased the knowledge, experience and mobilization ability of technical and administrative requirements of this geography and continues to increase it.

With the advantage of being established in RF, it has the ability to undertake turn-key commitment and fulfillment of that commitment just like a main contractor company in RF.

Sinerji Construction Inc. produces services in other geographies with the awareness of the technical and administrative requirements of the related geography.